Save Me

He had me cumming before he even touched me. We were enjoying a day on the water. Drinking and swimming on a friend’s boat when the girls and I noticed the white boat with the unmistakable red markings of the Coast Guard and it was headed in our direction. We took out the binoculars and took a peek. Fuck yes, there were several hot men in uniform on that boat. Our pussies all got hot and we started talking about what we would do with them and how we would do it when one of the girls issued a dare. Did any of us have the guts to “accidentally, on purpose” fall over board when the boat got close enough and act like you’re  not able to swim? No one else was game but I was! Hell yes, fucking save my ass. Rescue me, give me mouth to mouth, pull me out of the water and run your big, strong hands all over my body. SAVE ME!  I didn’t let any one know that I was going to go for it. Everyone else was obviously chicken, but the closer the boat got to us, the more excited I got thinking about it. My pussy was so ready and I was going to get more then rescued if I had anything to say about it.  The closer that boat full of hunks in uniform got to us, the more I calculated in my head, waiting for just the right time. Finally they were close enough and I jumped up on the rail like I was going to sit on it, and missed my mark miserably, falling head over feet into the ocean as my friends screamed, getting the attention of my rescuers. I flailed and floundered. He sure was quick and as soon as I felt his arms around me I went limp and started cumming hard. He took me back to the boat and laid me on the deck. I was surrounded by men in uniform and I laid there helpless. I didn’t find out till they dropped me off at the dock that it was “US Coast Guard Day” Well fellas I sure thank you for your service, each and every one of you!

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