My Three Sons

I came home from the strip club early.  I was drunk and upset.  I got into a fight with a new girl at work, and was fired!  When I walked in, the house was dark and thick with smoke.  At first, I panicked, thinking my family was asleep, while the house was on fire…but, then I smelled the air.  Ganja!  I followed the sweet, pungent odor to the living room, where all three of my boys were sing around, butt-ass naked, stroking their dicks, and passing a blunt.  The TV was muted and showing some porno that wasn’t mine.  No one was surprised or embarrassed by my presence – they were too high, and I was too angry.  They didn’t stop smoking, nor did they stop stroking.  There wasn’t a sound in the room, until I blurted that I’d gotten fired.  Immediately, the crackling, burning stick of relaxation was passed to me.  I took three strong drags of the wacky-tabbacky, but I couldn’t relax…  I needed to be fucked!  Just like the gentlemen I raised them to be, they came to Mommy’s rescue!  My three sons fucked me sober that night!!

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