Mommy’s job!

Sometimes Mommy has to do what Mommy has to do! When my little ones get out of line.. Mommy makes sure they learn their lesson and NEVER ever forget! I can do this is so many different ways. I can tie them down and teach them to love what ever they balked at. OR I can take my paddle and tan their little ass’s till they are candy apple red and tender. Then mommy will ask if they have learned their lesson and they always say they have! I love playing with my little one! Making them suck and fuck anyone at any time I want. And I hate to paddle them but a mommy’s job is to teach them their place in the world. And they were made to be little whores. And mommy will make sure they are the best little whores anywhere! Its the only way I make my money! And I am gonna make my money!  So those whores are gonna learn!


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