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Big lactating tits

lactation phone sexIt’s me, leaky mom from the supermarket. Thanks for your tissues the other day. I was so preoccupied with selecting baby food that I didn’t notice that my big lactating tits were leaking through my nipple pads and my shirt! But I did notice that you stared a little too long at the wet spots. Normally, people look away quickly because the thought of titty milk makes them uncomfortable. But that turns you on, doesn’t it? You like the thought of sucking the milk meant for my brat from my huge jugs, don’t you? Would you like to fuck my pussy while you suck on my tits? Cause I’d like you to. Why don’t you come on over and milk my boobs while I milk the cum out of your cock?

Dirty P Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sexP-mommy always punishes her little one so that she learn her lesson the first time. You have to learn the right things early on and I make sure to teach mine everything she needs to know.

For instance how to properly deep throat a cock. I found out the other day that she’d been getting in trouble at school for mouthing off to her teachers. Time for mommy to get to work on some harsh punishment.

I decided to teach her what her mouth is supposed to be used for. Certainly not for mouthing off to her elders. I told her that if she could open her mouth to talk back she could surely open it up wide enough to take a 9 inch long white cock with thick girth.

I pulled her shirt off before I watched her lick and suck it like a precious popsicle giving her gentle spanks on the bottom when she needed to open wider, suck faster, or use more tongue.

The next lesson required a bit of demonstration. Shes so green and young I absolutely had to show her how it was done before she had a go at it on her own. So our little lesson session ended with him covering my face and neck in his come while she stroked him. I haven’t had a single other complaint from her school since.

Phone Sex Mommy Whore Kenya

phone sexIt is no secret I am a dirty phone sex whore. I have no limits or taboos. My little slutkins had a day off from school, so I decided to take them to the glory hole. It was sort of a present for them. I know how much they love to suck cock. I had to fuck the owner of Southern Exposure to get them into the back room. They are hardly old enough for the adult bookstore, but I never let their age prevent them from having the same fun as me! They are great little dick suckers because I trained them. I knocked on the wall and a big cock game through. The anonymous dick was in for the surprise of his life. He was going to get four mouths and pussies, some very tight and small. I showed my girls how to back up their pussies and asses just right to get fucked at the glory hole. These are the sort of things a good mommy teaches her little sluts. I banged on the wall again so he would come over and see his surprise. He was shocked. He told me he has always had P fantasies. Well, that was his lucky day because not only did he get to fuck a hot sexy black momma, he got to fuck her little sluts too.

Creampie Phone Sex Darlings

creampie phone sexI have a dirty creampie phone sex story for you. I had a special date last night. He is a wealthy white man who likes something dark on occasion. I have been his taboo mistress for years now. He tosses me a big stack of money and I give him my black pussy. Normally, I meet him in a hotel. I couldn’t find a sitter last night, and he was desperate for my black ass. He knew my girls were home, but he didn’t care. He is one of the few lovers I have that has no interest in the little black cunnie that lives with me. He likes mature sexy women. That made my little sluts jelly. They were shaking their little black asses in front of my lover and getting, “go away girls,” in response. They are used to being top billing. I promised them a present if they just went to their bedrooms. They love presents. My lover got his jungle fever fix, tipped me $1,000 and left. I told my girls they could come back into the bedroom and they ran in to see me. I spread my legs and told them they could lick the white cum out of mommy’s pussy for their reward. They are just little tykes, but they are already addicted to white men’s cum. They did a great job of cleaning me up. I told them just because every white man doesn’t want their tiny black holes, doesn’t mean they still can’t guzzler his white seed out of their mommy’s wet pussy.

Phone Sex Mommy Kenya

phone sex I love being a P phone sex mommy. It is not a secret that my little ebony princesses are my moneymakers. They are the sweetest taboo. Look at me? Now imagine me knee high sucking your big white dick! We had a dinner party last night. I was dinner and my little angels were the dessert. I hook from time to time because it saves me from working a real job! I know quite a few rich white men with jungle fever. Thomas is some big executive and he needed to entertain some out of town associates. He gave me a call and we worked something out that was very profitable for me. I would fuck his associates and him of course, then my sweet little black princesses would get their second loads. My pretty little sluts love watching mommy in action. I was bent over the dining table being served white cock while my daughters cheered me on. I kept telling them they were next. Once I was covered in white creamy cum, the men turned their eyes to my darlings. My little girls gladly sucked mommy’s cunt and ass juice off their dicks before getting fucked themselves. Watching big white dicks drill their little ebony cunts makes me wet. Makes me rich too.

Ageplay Phone Sex: Little Moneymakers

age play phone sex

I haven’t worked in years but I live in a $500,000 home and I have a Mercedes sedan and a G-Wagon. I know you’re wondering how is this possible, well my two little angels are tiny moneymakers. My girls are beautiful with long curly black hair and honey-colored complexions. Everywhere we go people stop and stare at their beauty. I watch these people because some of them look at my girls with lust in their eyes. And those people help me maintain my fabulous lifestyle. They pay me thousands of dollars for a few hours with my girls. You see, my girls look like innocent little angels but behind closed doors, they’re tiny sluts with a huge appetite for hardcore sex. They both suck cock like sex demons because I’ve raised them on porn movies instead of cartoons. Nothing hotter than seeing someone stretch their tiny holes. Pay me enough money and you can do whatever you want to my girls.

Age Play and Mr. Foot Man

age play phone sexThe girls started crying when I turned left on Sinder Street. They knew who we were going to see and they didn’t like it. But I’m the mother and I run the show. Mr. Frost pays so much money to spend a few hours with my little angels. Sinder Street is in the most affluent neighborhood in our city and Mr. Frost makes his neighbors seem like peasants. He has a strange fetish and it’s the reason for their tears. Mr. has a huge beautiful garden that surrounds his mansion and he walks on the soil barefoot. He makes my girls lick his feet clean while he strokes his huge cock. I think he loves their tears and the looks of disgust on their pretty little brown faces. He called me over and offered more money to suck his cock. I got down on my knees and sucked his cock while the girls sucked his toes. I’ll buy them new dolls and they’ll forget about today.

Age Play with Kenya and Her Little Ladies

Age play phone sexI’ve been dating James for a few weeks now and I think he’s ready to meet my adorable girls. I dress them up in pretty pink dresses and put curls in their hair. He’ll come over, sit in the best chair, and my little angels will sit in his lap. Maybe, I won’t let them wear panties. They’ll spread their tiny legs and let him see their tiny chocolate cunts. I think he’ll love my little angels because they’re so eager to please their new daddy. Both girls love sucking cock. They’re young but these girls are deep-throat experts. I’ve taught them everything I know and we watch porn together as a family. Little brains are like sponges they soak up anything sexual. Picture my beautiful little ladies looking up at you with big brown eyes while their tiny tongue flicks the tip of your dick. James is about to be a very, very lucky man.

P-Mommy and Her Little Angels

Age Play Phone SexI brought the girls a little pool because summers in Texas are so hot. I let them play topless in the water. My angels have made so much money this month they deserved a reward. I watched them splash each other and it turned me on. I spread my legs and started fingering myself. My youngest noticed me masturbating and jumped out of the pool. She loves the way I taste and whenever she sees my pussy out she can’t resist me. Her tiny tongue flicked across my swollen clit and it felt amazing. I’ve trained this little girl to eat my pussy like a pornstar. Over time she’s developed a taste for my cunt. I grind against her small face and make it shine with my juices. My oldest joins in because she gets jealous and put her face between my thighs, too. Both of their heads in my crotch licking and sucking my pussy under the hot Texas sun.

Age Play with P-Momma Kenya Ch.3

Age play phone sexMy girls were busy making the man’s dreams come true. Two perfect little angels were slurping all over his huge cock. They took turns sucking on his bulging mushroom tip. Their big browns eyes stayed connected to his blue eyes. I taught them to always maintain eye contact while giving a blowjob. They tried their best to deep-throat his huge dick but their mouths are too tiny and they barely sucked past the tip. He thought his sexual fantasy would stay a fantasy but now he had two little girls fighting to suck his dick. Their small heads bobbed up and down on his shaft and saliva slid down his cock. He lost control and tore the clothes off their small bodies. My girls looked frightened because of his sudden aggression. He forced their legs apart and dug his tongue into their tiny holes. I sat in my chair watching the whole scene with my pussy getting wetter and wetter…to be continued.

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