My Secret Fetishes

I have a couple of favorite fetish’s that I truly enjoy. I know I don’t talk about all of my fetish’s so here are a few that really get my juices flowin! I really enjoy three somes, the one with me, another girl and a guy! Yes boys, girls do turn me on, I can’t help it! I have to admit, sometimes I see a girl and want her all to myself, lol. Girls are so soft and I love to play with their titties and licking their pussy’s. God just thinking about a three some is getting me going right now, lol. I have had several three somes and plan on having more!

Another fetish of mine is I am a switch, I love to dominate and I love to be dominated! Let me tell you what I like when I am being dominated. I like being taken and thrown down and have you strip off all of my clothes. Then I like when you have a pair of handcuffs and handcuff my hands! I love the feel of that cold steel on my wrists! Then I love it when you either spank my ass until it is as red as a lobster or use like a Cat’o’Nine Tails on me. I really do love the sting of either. Let’s just say I like it really rough and enjoy putting your hands around my neck, while we are fucking, and start to choke me out, omg that just makes me cum so hard! I want you to choke me out until I am about to pass out then I tap on you and you release your hand, also makes me cum hard!!

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