Man of My Dreams


Years before I ever started fucking I had many sultry dreams about the day I would loose my virginity and the man that would pop my cherry.  That man is a famous singer who stole my heart as a young teen with his first album.  I would sleep with his album next to my heart waiting for him to come and take me.  He is soooo fucking hot that his look would make my pussy juice boil and melt my panties.  My dream started with me rocking at his concert when he noticed me from the stage.  He jumped down, walked up close to me and grabbed my cunt as he sucked my lips.  My jeans were instantly soaked and I wanted his cock down my throat.  I followed him backstage and as soon as I went through the purple curtain he snatched me and threw me to the ground.  He pulled his huge mushroom head dick out as he straddled my body.  I sucked that fucking cock so hard I pulled his mouth right on my hard nipples.  I mouth fucked his meat until precum was filling my mouth.  He rolled me over and thrashed my pussy so damn hard I thought it was going to come through my throat.  He filled my cunt hole with hot sticky cum while I spayed him with my wet juice.  I wanted to see what we tasted like together so I fingered my pussy grabbing a glob of cum.  I licked my fingers clean while I rubbed his tight balls.  One day my fantasy will come true but until then I touch my body dreaming of him.

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