My tongue is craving some extra young juices today…..

Lots of women love the gorgeous guys in magazines and TV.  They love the supermodel types that don’t exist in real life.  I’m a lot more realistic than them, I love something that’s everywhere and easily accessible, any little ankle biters or youngsters will do.  It doesn’t matter if they are male or female, as long as they are tight, and available without any chance of me being discovered.  If they’re accompanied by a willing man then that’s even better, that’s where you can come in.  Call me and together we can have lots of dirty and crazy oral, anal, and pussy sex with a couple little Lolitas.  We’ll tag team them and if we have anything left maybe we can even do each other.  I guarantee you will get off though, I know what you like because it’s the same thing as me.  The younger the better, and the more the merrier.  Most women are different than me, they have a motherly instinct, I do too but in a different way.  I love all the little critters, especially their little pussies and cocks and tits.  They are extremely tasty little morsels that would leave great taste in my mouth, and yours.  Doesn’t matter to me if we fuck my little ones or borrow some one elses, as long as we get our fair share of young tight cunnys and smooth eager cocks!

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