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Summer days!

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I know I have the best young body around town that’s why I love showing it off any way I fucking can! Anywhere from wearing clothes that you can see straight through to being completely naked outside “tanning” by the pool making sure I’m being a good little cock tease for my neighbors by running oil all over my body and playing with my slippery wet pussy like I don’t know I’m being spied on! Today was just a normal day by the pool of playing with my little clit as my tight body is all oiled up! When suddenly I felt my lips being spread apart by something ramming down my throat, I opened my eyes to catch my neighbor Paul has his massive cock pumping in and out of my mouth making my pussy dripping wet! He spent no time in flipping me over like a rag doll and ramming his cock deep inside of my tight cunt, filling me up with his hot sticky load! I’ll be so sad once this warmer weather disappears but don’t worry I’ll find new ways to get my soaking wet cunt stuffed!

horny little bitch!

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I love being the school slut letting anyone and everyone inside of my tight little body! Teachers, Football players, Lame ass nerds, you fucking name it! Today was homecoming! We lost the game so to cheer up the entire football team I walked into the locker room completely naked with a dripping wet pussy! You should have seen the faces of the new little freshmen about to get laid for the first time it was so fucking cute, But the older players knew the drill and lined up with their cocks ready for my tight fucking cum holes! There were at least twenty guys in the locker room just waiting to either cum inside of me or just shower me in their hot sticky loads! It felt so fucking good having a cock in my pussy, A cock in my ass, and a cock down my fucking throat that I couldn’t help but squirt all over the guys! My holes are so fucking sore but fuck it was worth it! I can’t wait until the next game!

Naughty little slut!

wet bald pussy


I love being used as the fucking cock hungry whore that I am! I will stop at nothing to drain your balls dry so that I have every last drop of your cum in my tight little dirty fuck holes! Today I invited the mailman in from the heat, He had no idea I was going to lock the door behind us and get down on my fucking knees begging for him to face fuck me. He was shy at first but once I had that big black cock deep down my throat he started to hold my head all the way down his thick fucking shaft gagging and choking me. My throat wasn’t the only thing he fucked! After his 11-inch cock was soaking wet he bent me over and rammed that fucking massive cock up my tight little ass! It hurt so fucking bad but felt so good being treated like the dirty fucking whore that I am! It wasn’t long before he drained his balls in my poor little asshole but he wasn’t done! He made me lick his cock clean before he left!

Mistress in red!

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I love fucking married men! single guys just want to cuddle afterward but I’m a true slut a hit it and quit it if you will. married men get this! Like today my neighbor’s wife took their new brat over to show family but he played the “oh I’m sick* cough cough*” card only to come over and fuck my tight little holes! His balls were so huge and neglected! He came so much inside of my tight little body and I took every last drop he had to offer and then I got down on my knees like a good little slut that I am and licked all of my juices off of his big thick cock. It got me so fucking wet tasting my own sweet pussy I couldn’t help but finger my tight little cunt as I gagged on his cock! Begging for him to give me more of his hot sticky load! It felt so fucking good that I squirted all over my fingers as he came down my throat!

horny little brat in need of punishment!

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I know you’ve been so stressed out with work and your boring old hag who only likes vanilla sex! I want to be your tight little cum doll and have every hole abused by your thick massive cock! Don’t worry it’ll be our little secret daddy! I can’t wait to be your little brat that needs to be taught a lesson. My tight little pussy is just soaking wet thinking of you spanking me!  I just can’t help but to shove my figers in my little whore pussy thinking of you daddy it feels so fucking good I want to squirt so bad but I know I’m not allowed to without you rpermission , but i’m  so close daddy won’t you get your baby girl off? I know you want me to cum all over that big thick cock getting it all nice and soaking wet! Then you can turn me over and fuck my tight ass until you cum deep inside of me!

white trash slut

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When I was a cheerleader in high school there were guys who would come to the games just so watch us jump up and down because they could see right up our skirts, mainly the football players who have all fucked me before! . There was one guy who used to come all the time and he would walk by us and look right at me and say, “Nice legs, whore”. It always sent a shock of electricity right down to my bald little cunt. I would always go home and play with my tight little pussy. One of the football players followed me home after the last game and watched me out of my window play with my little phone sex cunnie and it felt so God damn good I didn’t even hear him come into my room! He jumped on me and covered my mouth so I couldn’t scream as he took his cock out and holy shit I was already soaking wet my little horny pussy was begging to be fucked! He spent the whole night using all of my holes and making his cum ooz out of them. I could barely walk the next morning and I was so fucking sticky!

outdoor fun while tanning

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Every week I go out in the sunshine to tan completely naked! The neighbor’s wives hate me because their husbands can’t keep their hands off their cocks while watching me sunbathe! The wives don’t know while they are at the store or at work I get my tight fuck holes stuffed with all the cocks and cum I can handle and send them off back home! Today was no different I went out to tan with nothing on and suddenly I was being bent over by a big thick cock and getting fuck in my ass, His balls just slapping my tight abused cunt! It hurt so fucking good. A few moments later my tight fuck holes were all filled to the brim with thick yummy cum as more and more men came over to abuse my tight teen body! I couldn’t help but cum as I was being fucked and bred! I love being the best little whore I can be!

hot sexy babe

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Don’t tell my daddy that I fucked his boss so my father could keep his job! He would kill me if he found out his little “virgin” daughter took a 10-inch cock in my tight little fuck holes! I still have his cum dripping out of me running down my thighs as I eat dinner with my family. My daddy’s boss messaged me he was on his way because he was addicted to my young cunt and he needed more so I stuffed dinner down my throat and ran upstairs to my bedroom to get his attention when he pulled up but then I heard his voice downstairs and my daddy screaming my name and demanding I come down for our guest. when I got to them I just looked at the floor the whole time and took my plate to the sink. I felt my skirt rasing up and my tight little kitty started to get played with next thing I know i have another load deep inside of my cunt.

little whore

bratty girl phone sex

There’s nothing I like better than cum in my mouth and cum filling up my hot little cunt
.The truth is one cock isn’t nearly enough to satisfy me I need six guys a least but it’s better
when I have six cocks or more stuffing my little worthless fuck holes
. I have a few soccer dads just a few houses down from mine that does the trick nicely.
There are six big guys! With huge thick cocks all wanting to fuck my brains out
as their brats are at their game with their pissed off mothers,
I’m getting stuffed like it’s thanksgiving!
Mmm, my little holes are just dripping from cum and they are so fucking sore I can barely walk!
I wonder if my boyfriend heard me screaming” fuck me harder!”
from the next room where he slept.
knowing he was so close and I could have been caught made me so fucking horny!
So I went into our bedroom and climbed on top of him putting his quickly growing cock inside of me.
“Fuck babe you’re soaking wet!” he moaned as he fucked me. Oh, what he doesn’t know won’t kill him!


your little secret!

Blackmail Phone Sex


Yesterday, I went to get a coffee in the afternoon, and the coffee shop is next to a bar. I’m too young to
go to the bar but I overheard one of my professors talking to his buddy as I walked past to get home., “Man, they’re all used up
and they want to wine and dine before they’ll put out.” my pussy instantly became wet! I’ve been dreaming of fucking him ever since his daughter fucked my boyfriend at the time.
now was my chance to get back at her. maybe I will make him knock me up and become her new step mommy and make her eat my cunt if she wants to stay under a roof.
I just couldn’t help myself since I was about to cum just thinking about her tongue exploring my hungry cunt I just walked up to him and grabbed his cock and whispered into his ear “I’m not used up!” his cock was getting hard in my hand so I led him back to my apartment and suddenly his cock was in all of my holes filling me up with cum!

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