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Cum Slut Phone Sex orgy

Cum Slut Phone SexCum Slut Phone Sex orgy. You heard me. I had the hottest orgy over the phone! Me and my girls were already having some lesbian fun, and then I got a sexy call from a sexy guy. He told us that his cock was 9 inches, and we were sold! I told him to stroke that dick while I rubbed pussies with my girlfriends. “Ooh fuck, yeah? Yeah? Oh, my goood!” My friend moaned while she roughly fucked her pussy onto mine, I laid down and let my other pretty brunette friend sit on my face and I ate her pussy hard and fast! That guy was having a blast stroking his dick while I fucked my girlfriends and stepsister. When my blonde girlfriend who was scissoring my pussy came all over my cunt, my stepsister cleaned my pussy off with her tongue and tongue fucked me while she fingered her fuckhole. I have a huge Phone sex fetish, and this really made my cunt squirt while I heard that guy fapping his cock so fucking fast. My stepsister said she had enough, then pressed her pussy against mine! She rubbed our clits together and kept pounding my pussy with hers. You could hear the slick and dirty sounds from our cunts fucking each other. That guy came within minutes! “OOH FUCK!” He screamed and busted his steamy cum all over his phone!

I love playing with my pussy to Hot phonesex

Hot phonesexHot phonesex. If you really want to get my pussy wet that’s it. I love hearing men jack their cocks off to my sexy voice and my fingers deep inside of my slutty pussy. I imagine myself bouncing on those hot cocks of theirs and sucking them off until their balls are drained. It’s so fucking hot thinking that I’m there taking care of those poor hard cocks that their wives can’t handle because they’re either too old, loose, or not young enough. I’m always here to help a man out. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Let me suck that hard and throbbing cock and swallow that yummy cum down my throat. I love Blowjobs Phone Sex and the thought of swallowing all of your cum! I need you to put me on all fours, smack my ass, and anal fuck me and cum all over my hot bubble butt!

Double Anal Phone Sex on a Hard Cock

Anal Phone Sex

My friend and I got destroyed on some Anal phone sex. We found out that the guy lived right near us! What a coincidence! We went over to his house to get our asses fucked; we were so fucking wet already just by walking there. Luckily for us, when he opened that door, his cock was hard as hell in those jeans. We quickly got those off and got to work! He stroked his dick to my friend and I mashing our pussies together and eating each other out. Then he got out that lube and covered his cock with it. “Get ready, ladies.” He grabbed me and shoved his cock into my shithole. “Fuuck! So, fucking tight!” He smacked my ass and fucked me right into his couch. My best friend got on all fours next to me and waited patiently for him to ass fuck her. I rubbed my pussies whore clit and came all over him and that couch. Then he switched to my friend virgin ass and almost exploded into it! He was so close in a matter of seconds, but we then stopped. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I had a nice idea and told him to sit down. My friend knew what we were going to do right when I pressed my perfect ass on his dick. “What are you waiting for?” I winked at her. She got into my position on the other side, and we started to twerk our asses on his hard cock. “Oooh fuck!” The man moaned while we jiggled out asses all over that dick. He yelled and shot his load all over our asses! It was so fucking hot to feel him spank our butts and thrust up in our cracks and cum on both of us. I love having a nice cock in my ass like that. He got to fuck out hot pussies after that as a round two and a double blow job. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I hope my bestie and I can give you the same special treatment.

Lesbian Interracial Phone Sex

Lesbian Interracial Phone Sex

I had lesbian Interracial Phone Sex with a total big tittied hottie. She really knew how to go down on a girl and eat my pussy until I begged her to stop! I squirted so many fucking times I couldn’t count them all. When we got nude, I couldn’t stop myself from squeezing those big tits and sucking on them like a damn little one. I wish I had a cock so I could have tit fucked those things! Instead, she dove fucked me, and rubbed those hot titties on my pussy. It was so fucking hot. We did 69 and I ate pussy like it was my whore mouth’s last meal! It was suuuper good when we scissored, we rubbed our cunts together and holy fuck did it feel good. She really knew how to mash pussies on a woman! Fucking a skilled lesbian is the best fucking thing ever.

Cock worshipping phone sex makes my pussy wet

Cock worshipping phone sex

I love Cockworshipping phone sex. I want to see that cock of yours and worship it. I love how your manly dick twitches and spurts cum all over my pretty face. Watch me eat your cum from that wonderful cock and force me to lick your feet. Fuck my ass and slap my face, I’m your cock worshipping whore. Give me all of your dick in all of my holes, please sir! I need all of it. I’ll even pray to your cock. I’ll ride the hell out of it and let you breed me! Breed my pussy with your god-like cock! Make me cry and scream and squirt all over your hot man cock! Give it to me, give it to my fuckhole and teach me a lesson.

Don’t Tell Your Wife and have Cheating Phone Sex

Cheating Phone Sex

My pussy and I love Cheating Phone Sex. Fucking married men is why I do best! It’s even better if their wife is in the house and they’re sneaking me over. I ride and suck these motherfuckers dry unlike their wives, which is why they always come to me. Some women are simply bad at sucking cock, so I am more than happy to fill the void and suck their husbands behind their back. *Giggles* Their husbands seem to love my perfect and round ass way better than theirs anyway! Last guy told me his wife couldn’t suck him off, so he just had to fuck her before work. That won’t do at all! So, I did what I do best and give him a nice, warm, and tight mouth to fuck. My whore mouth can take anything no matter the size. I licked the head of his cock and took all of that delicious beat in my throat. He really loved it. Cheating on his wife was the best thing he’s ever done is what he said, then he fucked my tight cunt and pounded me like it was his last day on earth! “Ooh, fuck yeah, fuck me! Fuck my tight cunt!” I moaned. “You’re so much tighter than my old hag wife!” God, I loved his cock! My fuckhole was throbbing. “I’m cumming inside you, you fucking slut! Whore!” He smacked my ass and came soooo fucking deep inside me! “Ooh fuck yeah, take it, young slut.” And guess what? Once we were done, he opened his bedroom door, and there stood his loose pussy wife.

Anal Phone Sex whore Zoe

Anal Phone SexAnal Phone Sex makes my pussy throb. I want your huge cock inside my tight asshole, fuck me so hard I can’t breathe, and my ass is bleeding. I want my hole to twitch and throb for you to switch my asshole to my pussy, but you won’t stop because my fuckasshole is so tight. Spank me and call me your good for nothing whore, I’m all yours, and only for you. FUCK, FUCK ME. I want that hard dick cumming hard inside my ass. I need your cock; I need it now! Watch my pussy drool for how good you fuck my ass, see it throb and beg for that fucking dick. I want you to cum all over me, invite your friends and force me down and make them fuck me. I need it, I need it so fucking bad. Your slutty whore wants your mates’ dicks and their cum all over her. Fuck me.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Thigh Highs

Foot Fetish Phone SexFoot Fetish Phone Sex isn’t something I come across every day, but when I do I love it. I was wearing my favorite thigh highs while I was rubbing a guy’s hard bulge and I felt so horny! The feeling, the hardness, everything. My smooth and small feet were ready to give him a proper foot job. He reallyyy loved it! He even had me stand up and rub my foot against it at first as a form of domination. Fuck my pussy was dripping! I was so damn desperate for him to cum all over my pretty feet. “Fuck, it feels like silk on my cock!” Was the best compliment ever! It was like a damn cum fountain when he came all over my thigh highs! “That was the best foot fuck I have ever had.” He groaned. I giggled, “thank you, honey!” It felt so good to have a hard cock between my feet. I can’t wait to do it again! After that I face rode him and came all over his handsome face. It was back arching! I was in heaven with his damn tongue.

Bisexual Phone Sex With A Big Tit Girl And BDSM Woman

Bisexual Phone Sex With A Big Tit Girl And BDSM WomanEver had Bisexual Phone Sex? Well, My girlfriend and I decided to have her brother over for dinner tonight. He always wanted to meet me, and we had the best plan ever together. After dinner we showed him around the house and our master bedroom. My girlfriend locked the door, and he seemed very confused at first until I took my shirt off, and she showed her huge bare tits. I’m sure he wanted to be mortified, but he was too hypnotized by her big tits and my tight body. We started off with a good blow job, and I tied his wrists to the bed. We were going up and down together on the sides of his dick with our lips touching. I was a bit confused when he stopped us, but then he said, “I always wanted to see lesbians in real life.” I knew what he wanted me to do. *Giggles* She and I started kissing each other with the taste of dick still on our mouths. He looked like he was going to go insane by the sight! We pressed our bare tits together and humped our pussies together so he could get a real nice view of us. Poor boy couldn’t jack off, so when he couldn’t take it anymore, he begged for his big sister to tit fuck his cock then ride him. I guess he really wanted to see those big tits bounce, but I don’t blame him. I love huge tits. So when she jiggled them all around his cock I could see that he was about to cum, so I stopped her. Her brother was about to protest but I bit his neck and said she has to ride him now while he eats my pussy. I sat on his face while his sister got her fat pussy on his cock and started bounced. I was facing her, watching those beautiful tits bounce as she moaned for her little brother. His tongue felt so good against my wet pussy, I kept grinding and riding his face until I was so close. The best part was when my girlfriend squirted on him! I came right then and there as I saw his cock cum inside her pussy and drip out. SO fucking hot.

I Drug You To Have Adult Baby Phone

adult baby phone sexI love babying my little ones with Adult baby phone sex. Every man needs a break every once in a while! I would love to take nice care of you honey. I can see you in your cute little onesie and diaper with an adorable hard on thatโ€™s barely bulging against your full diaper. Does it turn my baby on that his diaper is all full and mommy is about to change it? Iโ€™ll be nice and slow so you can have the best experience in your life. After all, I take very good care of my babies. Let mommy stroke that cute little cock of yours and play with your baby boy balls. Aww, you look so cute when you cum all over your fresh diaper. Such a good little tot for mommy. When my littles don’t want to play or do it, I sometimes have to sneak something special in their drinks. That way they can give into their desires to be my little one. Or they just need a break from their wives and want me to take all of their stress away. I love it! I love jacking off my little man’s cock and watch him cum all in his diaper all for me. Or I’ll suck them off during their diaper changes! *Giggles* I’d love to babysit you and secretly do naughty things to you… It’s out little secret, okay, baby?

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