my pigtails are handle bars

hot ass sex

My pigtails are handlebars. Daddy loves to remind me when we are having hot ass sex that I belong to him. My pussy is his, my ass is his, and my mouth is too. I am his property, and no one can compare to my daddy. Call it brainwashing, but I enjoy it even when he dominates me and sticks his cock so deep in me that I am gasping for air. I always want more. People love to say I am a subby girl, and I don’t care; I wear it proudly. No one can make my cunt quiver quite like him. When daddy is behind me, pulling on my pigtails like handlebars and pounding me from behind, I rub my clit and am in the best fucking place ever. There’s no place I’d rather be than being daddy cum dispensary. 

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