My Man From Miami

He loves to lick and suck my ass. The dirtier it is the better. He loves the taste of my filthy ass. He loves to let me stick my big toe deep in his ass and then he sucks it clean. He loves it when I use my pretty well manicured feet to jerk his hard cock until it comes all over my feet. Then he makes the young whore he brought to me lick all his cum off my feet. I am his mistress and he does exactly what I say when it comes to the other girls. One day he wants me to come see him so can get me pregnant and then he suck my tits dry, sucking the milk out of them. He wants to cum all over my swollen tits and have our little whore lick and suck his cum mixed with my milk. I can’t wait to hear his voice and have him tell me how much he adores me and my nice round ass. I call him Big Daddy and he makes me so happy!

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