I Love Anal!

I have been itching to get fucked in the ass! Today when my daddy came over to play I told him that. He said not to worry that he would be happy to assist me. Today I was wearing a short little skirt and nothing underneath. I went and bent over my daddy’s knee and told him that I had been bad. I needed a spanking. My daddy did not say a word. I just all of the sudden felt the sting of his hand slap down across my bottom. I love to feel daddy’s hand on my backside. He kept spanking me and at the same time used his other hand to slip a finger in my already wet hole. He spanked me and fucked me with his finger for a few and then slipped his finger out of my pussy and into my ass. He then began to move his finger in and out of my asshole. It felt so good. He kept spanking me while he was doing it too. Then without warning he snatched me up and fucked me in my ass! He pounded his cock in and out of my tight asshole. I had a great time with my daddy that day. I love a good ass fuck every now and again!

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