Daddy’s Little Girl

I like the hunt and the kill. The torture. The game of it all. Sometimes on the hunt.. you find a treasure. Something you weren’t expecting.. but you need. That happened to me a few days ago. I was watching a sweet little thing. Just learning to drive. Really pretty and perky. Bad attitude. But I planned on beating that out of her. I had everything set up. All arranged. All I had to do was grab her. But sometimes fate intervenes. I guess it just wasn’t her Destiny to die for me. I was ready to take her.. When I saw sweet and young playing with some jacks. What instantly got me was how much she looked just like me! I mean… JUST like me. But young. Very very young. And then I saw him. Her daddy. Or should I say our daddy. Sometimes its a very small world. I saw him pick her up by her hair. He slapped her hard and laughed. Just like daddy. I think its time to teach daddy a lesson. Time to change my plans. I think the direct approach is the best. I just walked up to daddy and said HI. He was pretty surprised to see me. But I told him I had something for him in my van. He went willing. I left my sister… she didn’t need to see what I was gonna do! He climb right in the van. And I took out my favorite hammer and cracked him up side the head. He went down like a sack of potatoes. By the time he woke up.. I had him chained up. I am going to really enjoy this! I spend 3 full hours just slapping him. At first he is pissed.. yelling and cursing. But then he broke down started begging.. Like begging is going to help him. When his lips starts bleeding he really starts crying. But I’m not going to stop. He needs to know what its like to be helpless. And he is going to take it all. I am going to break his spirit, His bones. And then take his life. Guess I’m not daddy’s little girl anymore.

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