Get Used To It!


We are all fucking fabulous. Wouldn’t you agree? Some people say it’s a choice. They call it a sin. They say it’s indecent. Well if they want to see indecent, maybe we should give it to them. Brothers and Sisters wave your freak flag. Be as big and as bold as you’ve ever been! Put on your garb and ring the bells on that derriere and shout it from the rooftops!! Let’s show them our TRUE colors. Our beams of beautiful bright light will banish that dark shadow of ignorance! Can you actually choose who you fall in love with? Is it really a sin to be true to yourself? Is it indecent to be accepted by those you love? The answer is a big gay NO! So, embrace this month of awareness and celebration and continue the party all year long. Hug your dikes. Praise your queens. Above all, love yourself honey and we can all enjoy this fabulous life of ours together.

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