Office entanglements. Part I

It’s taken me a while to seduce Jack, my sexy new boss. I just couldn’t muster up the courage. Three weeks in, I decided to not waste anymore time. I wore my skmpiest outfit. My favorite push-up bra, a sheer, low-cut shirt and a tight little mini-skirt that showed off my ass. He was standing by the filing cabinet. I came up behind him, stood on my tippy toes pressed my tits into his muscular back and placed a file in the drawer. I could feel the heat and the juices flowing from between my lips. I let out a moan right next to his ear on my way back to earth and went back to work. He paused for a split second, turned around, told me he was gonna grab some coffee for us and out the door he went. I made my way to his chair where I began to explore how wet I had become. Soaking wet. I started to tickle my clit and slide my fingers in and around my pussy. As I saw him come around the corner, I quickly slipped off my panties and placed them in his drawer before he walked through the door. I wondered if he’d notice my juices on his seat





Check back to see what happens or give me a call and I’ll spoil the end! 😉

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