Melt in your mouth!

I spent the whole day on ME! That’s right! Its all about me today. I first went and had my hair done. It looks fantastic. Then I went and bought some sexy LITTLE things to wear! I found the most PERFECT fuck me pumps. I got some of the sweetest smelling body oil. And some Hot nail polish. Now I just need to find the man who is gonna rub oil all over my delicious body and then paint my nails. I will even wear my sexy little things and my fabulous fuck me pumps! And after I am looking perfect! After the whole day of Pampering. That is when I will pull out that oiled up hard cock of mine and FINALLY let you suck me dry!  Cum feel my hard cock melt in your mouth!  Cum let May show you how good it can actually be! Im gonna fuck you like no one ever has before. Im going to push my hard cock deep inside you while im rubbing my oil up body all over you! A day of pampering has made my balls full of cum for you!

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