Mount Me Darling

Oh Glory how I love to show you how much of that dick I can take in my mouth darling. You know we have so much fun you and I, two glorious dicks standing straight up hard and strong, ready to fuck for hours at a time. I love it when we hold each other and kiss, rubbing our hard dicks together, taking each other to the edge, knowing if we don’t stop now we will explode and never have the pleasure of filling each other up! We love to play and tease darling, knowing that in the end we will be full of a hot load that has built up while we tease and deny each other over and over again. Neither of us are the type to make quick work of this glorious feeling. We love the pleasure of making this last for hours and hours. Both of us covered in sweat from hours of teasing, both of us panting and breathing heavy, both of our balls sacs aching from the load they are waiting to release, Soon darling you will mount and do me and I will return the favor.

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