Sissy Beach Time with Princess Paris

Hey sissy poo! Look at you in your cute little pink polka-dot bikini cover with lots of hot, creamy gooies all over your face. Lol! I know you had so much fun in the sun just hanging out with me at the sissy beach. It is a special beach where Princesses take their lil’ cum hungry sissy poos to meet looks of manly men with huge cocks. You have been begging me to take you to this beach for a long time and now, here we are! I knew that if you worked really hard that you would get the privilege of coming here by serving your Princess Paris very well. You did all of your sissy tasks and showed me how loyal you are to only me. Now you get to reap the benefits on being such a good lil’ sissy poo. Now open your pretty lil’ mouth wide so I can stuff more cum filled, big cocks in your mouth.

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