Morning Sex on the Patio

Submissive Phone SexI love the morning I had today. My husband woke me up and had the patio all set with with a beautiful brunch. He hired a catering service to bring in the best food and the cocktails. The cocktails looked like cum but tasted like coconut, it was such a wonderful morning. After brunch was over he carried me to our bedroom and fucked me just the way I love it, rough, hard and he pounded my pussy until it was swollen and he made me cum multiple times. Then he shoved his cock in my mouth and fucked my face until he exploded his hot load of cum all over me. It was dripping down my cheeks and chin. I was having the best morning I have had in a long time.

Then he pulled out this huge bag of coke and I I did one fat like after another, he also gave me a few pills to relax me. I was so fucking loaded I didn’t know where I was, I only knew I felt so good it was best high ever!. Then things went very hazy, as I was beginning to doze off my husband got up, put his pants on and opened our bedroom door. I am not sure how many men came into my bedroom as my husband got comfortable in his corner chair. I think there were just two but could have been three. They took me and strapped me to my bed then began using this shocking devise on my nipples and my clit over and over, the pain we almost overwhelming.

The more pain they caused me the more I would cum, then as one would shock my tits the other would have his cock inside my pussy fucking me. When they stopped shocking me I think I had one cock in my mouth, one in my ass and one in my pussy. I was in so much pain but I was so loaded that it really felt good and I was having one orgasm after another until I passed out. When I woke up, I was in my bed with fresh sheets. I was all nice and clean so my husband must have showered me. As I got out of bed I was still so fucked up and woozy that I couldn’t walk straight. I was shocked to learn it was after eight at night. Wow, what a fucking awesome Sunday I had, I hope as I come off the drugs I can remember the whole morning, because I think I had one fucking amazing time!

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