Little Fucklett!


So I call my youngest Katelyn on being a very naughty bitch today. I normally sleep until noon. Is so hard to get up early when you party all night. But I woke up early so fucking thirsty. I came stumbling into the living room, and caught Katleen, my youngest fucking little whore in my stash. She was nose deep in my candy. Sometimes you party so hard you just don’t remember how much you had left over when you wake up. So I was pretty upset to think this fucking slut was stealing my stuff. I yank that dirty little whore off the table and smacked her fucking face! And I could see the powder around her nose. And I was fucking pissed. I told her she was going to have to earn mommy some new candy all by herself. I called two of my dealers over. And I threw that dirty little fucklett¬† at their feet. I told him they could do anything they fucking wanted to that little whore. As long as they could refill my stash. And I told them to make sure she was punished for getting into my shit. I actually liked watching them take her. Bruno spread open her little cheeks and rammed his cock right up her ass. He didn’t lube it up, he didn’t get it wet, he just ripped into her ass dry. And Marcus rammed his Dick right up her pussy at the same time. I love them double penetrating that whore.When she got done crying, I let her know this is what happens when you steal from mommy. They took turns using her. After a few hours I went ahead and went to bed. And they were still fucking her when I woke up in the morning. It’s amazing how long you can go on Coke. Little slut won’t be able to sit down for a month. But I bet she’ll never steal from me again.

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