More Than A Swim

GFE Phone SexEvery woman’s fantasy is to have her man take her to the biggest waterfall he can find and bring a picnic for an exciting afternoon or evening. Of course, under the waterfall is the most comfortable and enticing rock I have ever seen. You carry me to the rock and lay me down as you begin to remove my tiny bathing suit and pressed your cock against my thigh. I reach down and push your trunks to your knees, but you surprise me and flip me over and begin licking my ass.

I just lay there taking in this entire scene – the moment you are truly happy. I am flipped over on my back and you slide me down the rock and pin my hands above my head. As you guide your cock between my legs I feel you lift me so I wrap my legs around your waist, pulling you deeper into me wet pussy. I gasp as you thrust in so hard that I came instantly. You are so hard, but it isn’t long before you explode and cum inside of me.  We sit on the rock and eat lunch as you relax, and tell me how much you enjoyed our perfect day together.

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