69 Anyone?

So the other day I was with a guy. He says hey let’s 69. I said wait, what? People still do that? I thought that the position 69 was a thing of the past. Of course he still kept talking about it and eventually I did climb up on him and sit on his face with his cock in my mouth. I did not enjoy myself. After I had drained his balls I decided to let him know exactly what I thought. I was going to explain my opinion and then I thought why not just show him. I got down on my knees and started sucking on his cock again. I got it hard in my mouth and then continued to use my mouth on him until he exploded once again. Then I laid back and spread my legs open wide. I told him that his dinner was served and it was getting cold. He came right over and began eating my pussy. It felt so good. I came right in his mouth. Afterwards while he laid there trying to sleep after I wore him out I asked him which felt better. Did it feel better when I was sucking your cock and you were eating me out or did it feel better when I was just sucking on your cock and you could just lay back and enjoy it? Of course he said when he just enjoyed it, it was better. That is why I do not like to 69. I would rather just lay back and enjoy the feeling of tongue and lips on me then have to also work at the same time. I do not think he will be suggesting that position again any time soon! How about you? Do you like to 69?

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