Mommy’s Little Angels

Every year I dress my little ones in angel costumes and add them to our nativity scene in front of the house each night. They look so sweet and innocent out there waving at the passers by. Little does any one know that they have nothing on under those angelic robes and the backs are slit. I position my self behind the manger, obstructed from view while fondling and fingering my cherubs in public. The trill is beyond heavenly. Passers by think they are so cute and when they sequel with delight everyone applauds which just makes me cum harder knowing it is from the pleasure I am bringing to them publicly. They love it too as they squirm under my touch with a hard little pecker and a juicy little cunnie. Our special Christmas tradition brings new meaning to  “Oh Holy Night” Cum by and join our celebration if you can. We would love to see you, but no telling our secret!

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