Frosty and Pink

We did Naughty Secret Santa at the office. I got this beautiful pink glass dildo. It was meant as a gag gift and every one laughed hysterically. But I couldn’t wait to get home with it. I took it out of the box and put it in the freezer right away. I cooked my dinner and let it get nice and frosty. I ate so fast I thought I would choke on my food. Then I went and got my douche bottle and warmed the liquid in the microwave. I took my new toy out of the freezer and took it and my douche to the bathroom. In the tub I filled my honey pot with the warm water and tightened my muscles so that the liquid would stay in and then I shoved that freezing cold dildo up my pussy. Oh my gosh what a sensation! I fucked my self several times with my new toy and I am so happy I got it for Christmas. I hope we do Naughty Secret Santa again next year, maybe I will get a great but plug to go with my pretty pink friend! Merry Christmas fellas!

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