Molesting The Skeleton

I went for my yearly check up today. The nurse took all my vitals and everything and told me that it would be at least a hour cause the doctor was performing a emergency surgery. I saw the skeleton across the room and went over there to check it out. When I wondered what it would feel like to play with it. I grabbed it’s hands and rubbed it all over my breasts through my shirt and I felt how hard my nipples started to get. No one was coming so I figured I would have enough time for a quickie. I always come prepared with my favorite dildo in my purse at all times. I took it out and started to suck it getting it nice and wet to slide inside. As I was sucking I got the urge to feel the skeleton up against my nipples. I laid down on the doctors bed and raised my legs up so that I could start working my dildo deep inside of me while I let the skeleton play with my nipples. I pushed it in and out hard and fast that’s when I put the skeleton on top of me. I wanted to imagine it fucking me so hard while the dildo was all the way in. Just thinking about the skeleton, I squirted so hard it came all over myself, the dildo and my new sex toy skeleton.

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