I want to be Your CUM dumpster…..

I do love it when I am thoroughly used and fucked. I don’t mean making love. I don’t mean 15 minutes in the sack. I mean SEVERAL big thick throbbing cocks lined up and begging to fill me completely. First with their hard throbbing girth. And next with hot creamy cum. I want to be a cum dumpster. I WANT to be used like a dirty whore. I know what I am! I am a grandma who needs to be fuck! My cunt drips for it. And I don’t care what I have to do to get it! I will do it!  Some of these young Bitches just don’t know. They think there gods gift to man…lol They wont even suck a cock! They don’t beg for it cause they have never had to do with out it. Me… Ohhh I have learned over the years what I want. I know exactly how great that cock is!  I love feeling it in every single one of my holes! And I know how to make you squirt just for me! I know all the dirty little secrets to turn a man on. And I plan on using every single one of them on you. As long as you plan on making me your cum dumpster.

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