Moisturize My Mammaries

Cum shots on tits


Hot cum shots on tits is how I learned to love using spunk for moisturizer! It’s sticky and sweet and full of protein, probably the perfect concoction for a cock loving cougar like me to use for massaging my flesh and making my skin super soft.

Being an open minded mommy, there’s no end to the amount of rock hard semen squirters I have to give me all of the creamy cum I need to coat myself in cod sauce.  Every time I give the mailman or pool boy or whoever else swings by the pole pleasing attention they desire, they blow their juicy jizz wherever I tell them to.  They don’t care where they get to shoot as long as I drain every drop of dick broth out of their big, bouncy balls.

If my feet are a little ashy then I have them toss their torrents of splooge all over my soles and toes.  When my elbows are rough I spread globs of gelatinous gash basher goop all over them to smooth them back out.  And when I just want to see rivers of warm cum flowing off of my nipples and down my cleavage, I make sure that my titties get sprayed and sprinkled with that pearly white penis potion.  I fucking love it!


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