MMMMhmmmmm Good!

We bitches stick together. We fuck each other.  when the Kings are busy. And when the men are away the bitches sure do fucking play. If they had any idea of the shit we did, they wouldn’t leave so much…LMFAO! My personal bitch is finger licking good. A cute little blond that we picked up recently. That cunt has way less seniority in the club then me and she does what ever I say. And the bitch tastes so fucking good! She knows EXACTLY what I want. How to lick and suck my cunt. How I want my pussy and ass fingered and licked. How to work that fucking vibrator, dildo and strap on. I mean she is better then some of the Kings (I would deny that statement all fucking day long). She didn’t take long to teach either. And the little bitch is so loyal because I know how to take care of a bitch. The other Queens always want to borrow her. Of course I don’t give my bitch up unless big money is involved. A Queen gotta make a profit! LOL my bitch ain’t free mutha fuckas. Bet you want to share too…ROFLMAO!

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