Meet The Teacher Night

I went to meet the teachers today for my senior year. I can not wait to finish school. I always know that I make bad grades in Science and I really need to pass it this year So I took it upon myself to go and talk to Mr. Paul the Science teacher. I asked him what I could do to make my grade stay a B plus or higher. He said that me and him could work something out. But, I have to be willing to do whatever he asks and when he asks for it. I asked him what he meant. He told me to stay till after every one leaves and he would show me. After everyone was gone me and him were in class room all alone. He said he wanted to give me a sample of what I had to do. I had to suck him off and play with his cock, and let him do anything he wanted to my little pussy. He said as long as I do that I would get to keep a A plus all year long. I think being a school girl slut is just the thing for me to keep my grades up. All school girls should try it.

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