Dating Tips

Being a special girl I get asked a lot about dating! I do love to go out on dates! And I have just one piece of advice for you. Keep an open mind! You never know what you are going to like until you try it. I don’t always tell a guy that I am special. I don’t warn them I have a nice big black package that needs unwrapping. I enjoy my time. I flirt and smile and laugh. And if the chemistry is there…then it’s there! I have found that when guys are hard they are only thinking about one thing. And when I wrap my lips around that hard cock of theirs… mmmm it’s all good! I wait until they are so close it hurts before I show them my big hard cock! And by then it’s too late to stop! He is putty in my hands. I love the first time a guy tastes my cock. Especially if it’s the first cock he has ever tasted. It is so fucking hot. So I love to date. And I make sure I try something new every time! That’s what keeps things fresh. I keep an open mind and enjoy everything I am given.

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