Meet You At The Alter

I had it all planned out. I have been eyeballing this church for a month now. It’s presence alone is magnificent, perfect for vandalism. Perfect for fucking up and destroying.
I opened the heavy doors and walked in the dimly lit building. I crossed the thresh hold and my pussy began to pulsate and drip juices as I thought about what I was going to do.
Then I heard it, coming from the confessional, a moaning. Not the sound of pain but the sound of pleasure. I got closer and the sound was unmistakable. As I got to the door of the confessional and peeked in the crack, I saw him fucking the alter boy. He was dripping with sweat and his face was red. The alter boy had a look of pleasure on his face and I could tell he was enjoying being sodomized here in the confessional.
It wasn’t long before my hand was between my legs masturbating while I watched the blasphemous scene in front of me.
One thing was for sure I was going to get in on some of that fucking action before all was said and done.
I watched him reach up and tear his collar off as he shoved his cock in deep, grunting with satisfaction as he filled the alter boy’s ass up with his cum. He pulled out and dropped to his knees as the alter boy shoved his throbbing cock in his mouth and spewed jizz in hard and deep. I could see the glisten on his chin as some of that jizz dripped out of his mouth.
They stood up and adjusted their clothing and reached for the door. The gasp they let out when they saw me standing on the other side with a wicked smile on my face and my fingers shoved deep in my pussy was priceless.
They begged for my silence but I just stood there smiling and let them squirm. Finally I told them in a voice so low it was just a whisper that they would fuck me for my silence. I wanted both of them in me, double penetration, deep and hard, on the alter, in the front of the church and under the big gold cross.
I let them know that this would not be a one time deal. That I had planned on vandalizing their beautiful church but this turn of events was so much better. They would fuck me on the alter any time I wanted it. Every day, several times a day, once a week, I didn’t know yet, but they would be at my beck and call if they wanted my silence.
I walked to the alter and they meekly followed me picking up my clothes as I threw them on the floor so that I could get the fuck I wanted when I reached the alter. I would curse their God and all he stands for while their cocks are shoved in me.
Blasphemy, sodomy, and unbridled lust given and received here in their holy place. All wrapped up in a nice little package and tied with a pretty bow of blackmail. What more could a girl want?

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