Cocksucking in Church…

Everyone needs a break sometimes. If you work work work there’s no way you have time to enjoy the simple things now is there? That’s the same thing Minister John said in his sermon on Sunday. I was very curious after church that I set up a meeting with him to discuss some questions I had. As I walked in I saw him writing and seems like he was still hard at work. I then asked him if he ever took a break. He didn’t know how to answer that being he was doing the very thing he told his church to take it easy on. I took his pen and set it on the desk and told him to relax. I know it’s bad to seduce a minister of the church but he was just so sexy and intelligent and even he needed to relax and take a break. As I showed him my tight little chocolate body, I told him I was here for a greater reason. You need to enjoy the simple things like a tiny chocolate teen who wants to milk your dick for all it’s cum. I got down on my knees, pulled out his huge cock and started sucking on it like my life depended on it. Funny thing is, while I was giving Minister John some good loving his secretary knocked on the door… Did that stop us? No I just slid underneath his desk and continued to suck on his hard lollipop while she talked to him about some brief church issues. I could tell he was trying to hide his moans but as soon as she left he gave me just what I wanted. A big splash of creamy milk to the face. I licked it up like a good girl and scheduled another meeting the same time next Sunday. I can’t wait for Minister John to take his frustrations out on my pussy. What should I wear? Something cute and teasing? Definitely!

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