Discipline Youngsters With ‘Thy Rod and Thy Shaft’! (The Book of Phoenix , Chapter 6)

Shall we go shopping today babe?  I am hungry for the taste of  little pussy and ass.  I am here now, thrusting my dildo inside of my hot cunt, envisioning you pinning down, gagging, and slamming your hard cock inside a ripe, little tight asshole.  My rape fantasies involve my watching a youngster’s little holes being stuffed to capacity, uncontrollably gripping your hard shaft as their little openings swell and tear; mixing blood with your semen.  Watching their eyes swell up with hot tears, their snotting noses, their screams of agony filling the room, while you take their little ‘goodies.’  What a way to provide discipline.  These days, these  brats break rules, are disrespectful, and want to challenge authority.  Well, breaking their hymens and breaking-in their tight little assholes, will teach them a lesson (absolutely).  There are two youngsters that I have had my eye on for quite some time now. They are the offspring of your friends (Jane and John).  We will go over their home for dinner.  I will drug and tie up the parents and then we will do the same to their succulent youngsters.  After which, we will explore our dark, secret rape fantasies.

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