I love Veterans Day


I love Veterans Day. I always have so much fun! I always get dressed in my sluttiest outfit. Low cut showing off my great tits! And of course some tall fuck me pumps! I love to go down to the vet center and show those guys how much I appreciate them! I know some of them look forward to it all year long! I go from room to room flashing my nice tits and putting a smile on their faces. AND if I am lucking enough to get a rise out of them I go ahead and give them a good hand job or boob job just to let them know how much I care! I mean let’s face it… They fought for me right to fuck whenever I want! A hand job is the LEAST I can do! And after I make my rounds at the vet center. Then I always have a date lined up with well hung vet! I mean I get so turned on flashing everyone. Then stroking all those hard cocks!! OOOH hhh my! I just have to get fucked! I do all the nasty things that really turn me on. I know he can take it! After all he is a vet! I suck his beautiful cock and then let him fuck me like only a soldier can! Ummmmm I love vets day!

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