Love Making On The Beach

Walking through the sand holding hands, listening to the waves, and each other fading away into your own little romantic world. As you sit down in the sand and just lay back and look up at the stars in the sky as he is holding you in his arms. He leans over to kiss you softly on your lips as he makes his way right up your shirt where he massages your breasts. That is when you feel your body tighten and you can feel the wetness between your legs. His hands make their way right down to your panties where he pulls them off of you and slowly massages your clit in a circular motion and kisses and sucks your nipples. Your nipple are so hard and clit is throbbing when he puts his warm tongue right on your clit and his fingers are inside of you as your body just relaxes and allows him to just make you dripping wet. He works his way back up to your erect nipples then works his way back up to your lips as he kisses you passionately. He slowly allows his love stick to gently go in inside of you hot spot. As you and him move in the same motion making sweet love until you both are in paradise. Afterwards all you can do is lay on your back, hold hands and look at the beautiful sunset while hearing the waves.

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