Killer Phone Sex And Making A New Friend


Killer Phone Sex, making new friends while fucking old ones, and getting off several times a day are the things I seem to do the most.  I love it because making a new friend and introducing them to killer phone sex can be the hottest experience.  Jezabel and I met not too long ago and we were comparing notes on how we like to spend our time, and I quickly learned that her definition of killer phone sex and mine were very very different.  I told Jezabel all about my fun time with Morticia a few weeks ago, but she wasn’t impressed.  I told her my version of killer phone sex is when you cum so hard it was a “killer” experience – you know a figure of speech.  Jezabel quickly corrected me!  She said she would hunt her prey before “playing” with it, and asked me if I’d like to watch.  I was a little nervous but I went with her.  Jezabel saw her prey and follow the young fresh meat home, and sat outside their home for the rest of the night.  She told me that she will do this for as long as it takes to make sure her first hunt is successful.  I went home and left her to her work, but I realize now killer phone sex has several different meanings!

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