Picture This!

I met a photographer today. He was so hot and sexy! He said he wanted to take my picture. How could I pass up a sexy man wanting to spend time with me? I wore my sexiest outfit… It is a sexy leopard print with matching boots!  I look fantastic in it!  And even better coming out of it!   I wanted his cock throbbing! I knew just how to work it for the camera. His cock was bulging out of his pants. And the more I took off the more He loved! I could tell he was ready to jump me. When I finally let him see that big beautiful black cock of mine! He went crazy tossed his camera down and gobbled my meat up like a starving man! Almost had me blow my load right in his mouth! But of course I couldn’t let that happen. I had to stretch his man pussy out first! I could tell I was his first… And I knew I wouldn’t be his last!

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