Making Love All Night Long

Making love all night long is like a dream come true. When you can have that special person in your arms just caressing their bodies and feeling every inch of them. As you softly kiss them from their head to their toes making sure not to miss a spot. Then you go back up and start all over again this time licking every inch of them this time though you work your way down to their nipples and you lightly twirl your tongue around and around them as they start to swell you wrap your lips around them and suck softly til you feel their bodies start to twitch. Then you make your way to the other nipple till it is swollen. You slowly work your ways down until you get to the sweetest spot on her body you slowly kiss and lick all around, as you slide a finger right between her soft lips and slowly start to rub in a circular motion over and over as her body starts twitching and tighten, as you reach up and grab her nipples with two fingers and squeeze softly. While squeezing you slide your tongue right to where your fingers were and softly lick and kiss while you slide a finger right insides as you feel and taste her sweet love making juices slowly drip down making sure you lick all of it up leaving none behind to go to waste. You slowly work your way back up sliding your love stick inside her sweet pink hole as you move back and forth and kiss her soft sweet nipples while you rub your hands through her hair till both of you explode going into love making paradise together.

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