Turf and Pigskin

This old cougar loves her football. I love everything about the game. The smell of pigskin and the turf. The struggle to move the chains down the field ten yards at a time. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat. Defense and offense, audibles and flea flickers. The running game, the passing game, rushing and sacking the quarter back like Mr Potato Head because the defensive line left him open like 7-11. Flags and challenges…
Thank God the season is upon us again! The first preseason game was last night and Dallas and Miami played a great game, only two points separated them as the clock ticked down and the final two minutes were incredible.
I love sitting with a guy and watching a game, we can neck and pet during commercials and fuck like rabbits during half time. But while the game is on it’s all about the fight for yardage and points.
We can root for the same team or be on opposite sides of the fence.
We can bet on each play, will they run it, will they pass it, will they kick the extra point or go for a three point conversion.
Just over 30 days till kick off for the regular season but preseason is just as much fun!
Now that I have gotten myself all worked up, I think I will go rub my football on my clit until it is swollen and ready and then fuck myself into a frenzy thinking about the season to come and who will play like men, and who will play like a bunch of sissies.

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