Love In An Elevator, Well Kinda

They looked like a nice young couple. They were obviously newly weds all sappy with that glassy look in their eyes that makes me want to puke. I crank up the radio and “Love In An Elevator” is playing “living it up while we’re going down”
And that is when I got a sick and twisted idea that was going to be oh so much fun! My pussy got wet instantly thinking about it! They are even walking in the right direction. This was meant to be!
I reach in my right pocket and finger the cold steel of my gun my pussy twitching with anticipation, the butterflies building in my gut as we get closer and I ease in beside them.
I pull the gun from my pocket and put it in the small of her back whispering to him that if he does as I say no one will get hurt.
I inch them towards the building and down to the basement and the elevator shaft. Prying the doors open I hit the button for the elevator to go sub-level so the top is at our feet. Pushing them on the roof of the elevator I tell them to take off all their clothes.
By now she is shaking and crying and he is pale white and my pussy, well it is on fire.
I calmly tell them that once I close the doors they have until the elevator reaches the top floor which is only five levels. She is to get on her knees and suck his cock. I will be on the top level with the doors open, if as they pass me she doesn’t open her mouth to show me all his creamy cum the elevator will continue up wards, crushing them alive between the roof and the top of the elevator. If she can make him cum with her mouth in this short time I will stop the elevator, let them off and give them their clothes back.
Their wide eyed stare has lost that glossy look and it is replaced by sheer disbelief.
“Good luck” I say as the doors close and I run up the steps. They haven’t even made it to the second floor when I open the doors at the top level and yell for them to get busy. Just to let them know I am serious I let off a round into the elevator shaft and I hear her scream. What a wonderful sound.
I stand there watching them get closer and fucking my pussy with sheer delight.
It really doesn’t matter if she makes him cum or not, they are going to get crushed. And I am going to cum like crazy when I hear the breaking of their bones.
Love ON an elevator, living it up while SHE is going down….

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