Liz’s Visit

I don’t usually hang out with Liz, but we have some mutual friends and every once in a while we catch up.  She called me last night and asked if I wanted to play with her and her friend.  Reluctantly I agreed, but I’m not so sure that I should’ve.  Liz showed up with this guy who had the creepiest look on his face, and you could see his hard on bulging through his pants just a little too much.  I let them in and Liz smacked me so hard I fell to the floor.  This shocked and stunned me, so I wasn’t able to react at all.  She tied me up, and it was so tight that I thought my hands were going to fall off.

Liz went over to her man and they started kissing and almost fucking, but then he said something to her that made her focus on me again.  She comes over and cuts all my clothes off and shoves a dildo in my cunt so hard that I screamed.  He seemed to get off on my pain and she knew it, and for some reason that was making my pussy wet. Liz continued assaulting my pussy with the dildo then he came over as she was going to punch me in the face with brass knuckles.  He told her to be nice to me for a while.  As they fucked right there in front of me I realized that this was turning me on.  I also know why the call her Vicious Liz!  Phew, next time she asks me to play with her and a friend I’m gonna have to tell her yes!

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