I’m so sorry Mistress Levi!!

I did something really really bad, I can’t even talk about it here because Mistress Levi will get mad at me all over again. I have NEVER seen her so mad, I really thought she was going to fire me or maybe even kill me, I was shaking and so scared I almost pissed my pants! She was furious, but she never raised her voice, not even once! She just talked to me in this cold angry voice, she said that if I wanted to keep working here at Fuckalicious, I had better complete every single task she set up for me and even then I would be on probation here for a while. For my first task, Mistress Levi restrained me naked and got a whole bunch of random guys to fuck me. I was shackled and helpless and they just kept coming, hundreds of them brutally fucking all my holes! I was in so much pain but couldn’t say a word in protest, I wanted so badly to please her. I was used up and broken by the time she finished with me that night and when she finally released me I crumpled to the floor unable to move. That is where she left me for the rest of the night, on the floor naked and cold, covered head to toe in cum, and I wasn’t allowed to move until she came back in the morning and finally allowed me to clean myself up. Then she told me to write this blog, I am supposed to tell all of you what a worthless fuckpig I am. I am just a lowly slave that forgot her place and I really need to remember that I am above no one here. Mistress Levi, I am so, so sorry! I promise I will never ever give you another reason to be upset with me, I would just want to die if you let me go!

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