Little Dick Losers

Little dick losers like you are so much fun for me to humiliate, degrade and even blackmail. It is incredible the lengths you will go to prevent me from telling everyone your shameful secrets! I can do whatever I want to you because I know all of your secret fantasies and I have plenty of pictures and recordings of all the shameful humiliating acts I have made you perform. Remember when I dressed you in a frilly little pink dress with the ruffled panties on underneath? And when I made you pull out your pathetic little clitty and rub it there in front of everyone, no one even noticed because it was so fucking small? Hahahaha that was hysterical! You were so humiliated that no one could even tell you were stroking that tiny thing and when I made you sing your sissy song and you were thrown out of the mall, I thought you were going to die of shame! They even published your wimpy sissy mugshot in the local paper for all your friends and family to see, wasn’t that fun? But don’t worry sissy, I will be sure to come up with something even more humiliating for next time!

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