Fuckalicious Macey

Ever since I was in middle school and my Dad’s best friend moved in with us he started playing with me. All I could think about is having all my holes fucked and sucking dick. Every night when my parents would go to sleep. I would sneak in the room where he was staying and let him fuck me so hard and so good. He made me think about getting fucked so much that I got home later and later from school. When I would walk home from letting the boys and teachers, fuck me. I even let the construction workers working on our school fuck me anyway they wanted too. Don’t tell no one but sometimes I would even sneak and play with Daddy. He loves to feed me his cum he says I am nothing but a cum dump. It makes him so proud of me. So, I can not help but me a cum guzzling whore dick is so fuckaliciously good.



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