Beautiful Brown

Some men just love big girls.  Whether it’s a huge ass, wide hips, thunder thighs or enormous tits, some men just can’t resist the extra cushion that a BBW has to offer.  Ironically, most of these men are super-slim!  And, one of those super-slim, BBW-lovers is the head maintenance man at my apartment community.  We’ve been fucking at least once a week, since I moved into my new place, in December.  He loves my milk jugs and my long, chocolate legs.  He worships my pussy, and sometimes jokes about impregnating me, so we can have a light-brown, wavy-haired, green-eyed baby.  But, he did something totally new this week: he asked me to shit on him!  He’s eaten my pussy before, but has never even licked my ass, so his request was shocking to me.  To let me know he was serious, he started fingering my ass, and scooping out small brown bits to rub on his slumping cock.  The more shit he spread on his dong, the more it grew.  He said the smell of me was arousing!  Once he was fully erect, he shoved his fat cock up my shitty ass, and told me to push him out.  I did, and three brown bricks followed behind his cock, sliding effortlessly out of me.  He caught them in his hands and squished them all over my tits.  He titty-fucked me, using the pungent, brown mess, and then blasted me in the face with a hot load of cum.  Afterwards, we showered together, indulging in a quickie under the water.  When I asked him what made him want to play in my shit, he just shrugged his shoulders and smiled.  In his line of work, I guess sometimes he has to get dirty.

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