Its Snowing!

I am of course REALLY careful with my party favors. I prefer coke and it is to expensive to waste! The things my little ones have to do to get it for me, make me take good care of my stash. That is not saying accidents don’t happen. Because they do. Just a few days ago I had a packet party. To join the party you had to bring a packet of coke. The bigger the packet the better you got to party. As the party was wrapping up my cum covered little whores were bringing me all of their tips. When my dealer passed me a rather large zip lock bag full of stuff. He had just taken a little hit and was passing it to me open! He let go of the bag right before I had a hold of it. The bag fell and hit the coffee table. White powder flew up and went EVERY WHERE! My little sluts looked like they had been baking a cake. Their face and hands were covered in coke! Of course I saved as much as I could, but my the little sluts were flying HIGH. They started playing with their already well used cunts, so I had to call over some friends to help take care of them.

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