The leaves start falling and so do my panties!

I love fall! Such beautiful colors~ all the leaves falling off the trees. And the brisk weather keeps my nipples so hard all the time. That cool breeze licking and nipping at my cunt. Keeps my pussy dripping wet and throbbing. Drives me crazy all day long. Makes my cunt long to be stuffed and used! I just can’t get enough of that thick hot cock pounding my dirty old cunt till I cum hard! And within a few minutes my dripping cum filled cunt is ready for that cock again! I don’t care where I’m at or who I fuck as long as they have the fat cock I need. The cool weather just jumps my cunt into overdrive. Makes me long for more. Makes me want to get fucked outside so that crisp air makes my body tingle and throb while that cock pounds me like crazy! Every year it is the same thing. The leaves start falling and so do my panties!

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