Bonfires And Bare Bottoms Are Hot

The weather is getting cooler, For my friends and I that means it’s time for getting drunk as fuck and fucking by the bonfire in the cool night air. All my friends and I love being naked and free in the crisp night air by the bonfire. Of course we are all chilly when we start and the drunker we get, the more we fuck and the higher the fire gets the hotter we get. To hell with hot chocolate and marshmallows that shit is far too vanilla and far too tame for our asses. If you want to know what autumn is all about, and how to ring in the new season, come hang with us one night. Check out all the fun you can have naked, drunk and fucking by the bonfire! Or if you don’t have what it takes to hang with us take your vanilla ass home, sit by the fire place with hot chocolate and a bag of fluffy little white balls of sugar!

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