Layla’s Toilet Sissy Slave

I have a pathetic sissy fairy fag that needs to be outed. She is our dirty sissy mascot and she will soon be my very own toilet sissy slave! Her teenie wiener sticks up every time I make her beg to be humiliated and outed by me and all the girls at fuckalicious. Last night we talked and she knew exactly how to worship my beautiful mistress body! The only way she was ever going to get close to my pretty pussy was by serving as my toilet! That’s right, she begged for me to fill her mouth with my golden nectar and my chocolate treats! What a nasty perv my toilet sissy is! On top of her being such a nasty little sissy, she sure knows how to entertain! She does this pathetic little wiener dance and sings her poo poo pansy song. I laugh every time…of course her embarrassment is my pleasure and everyone else’s pleasure too!

I’m going to make sure all the girls know about our little fairy fag and make sure we all take turns letting her know just how pathetic she really is!

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