Tales of a Ghetto Sex Slave

I remember vividly how he pushed me down, bit me on my big nigger lips and spit in my mouth before feeding me his stiff white dick. It made my cunt just ache and cream like never before. Then he violently stretched my shithole, while ramming a beer bottle up my wet, monkey pussy. I must say that I was a bit shocked when he snatched it out of me as I was squirting.

I did as I was told when he demanded that I hold it against my open lips while he pissed, making some trickle down my throat and some into the bottle. Right as I had a mouth full of his pee, hot white dick lava erupted into it, sliding down my tongue. He kept his meat in my mouth and began to choke me demanding that if I swallowed I would be punished. I obeyed and kept his fluids in the back of my throat. He then grabbed the beer bottle and emptied it in my mouth, slapped me, then told me to swallow. Playing with my cunt, I closed my eyes tightly and started to squirt again, simultaneously gulping down all of the liquid. Master was so turned on, I sucked him off again in about 2 minutes. After swallowing once more, he unbuckled my collar and leash and told me that I was his best slave ever…

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