Who Knew I Was Putting On A Show?

hot phonesex desireeAs soon as I saw the caller ID when the phone rang my body started responding. My pussy got wet and my nipples got hard before I even heard him say hello.
He is a hot young stud that goes to the local college. He is very involved in his studies and doesn’t have the time or energy for the games and demands of the young college girls. Never the less he is still a man and has needs.
Enter the cougar….I never know what to expect when he shows up to spend time with me, he still surprises me. As I take my shower and get ready for him my mind races with kinky ideas to keep his cock hard for hours.
The door bell rings and he has me against the wall ripping off my clothes before I can close the door behind him. MMMM he is in rare form today! He tells me to wait in the living room for a minute that he has something he wants to do in the room before we start.
He is back in less then a minute and I wonder what he could have done so quickly but my body is on fire for him and I don’t question him at all.
As we stumble kissing to the room I am ripping his clothes off longing to get that huge cock in my mouth. I fall to my knees and deep throat his dick sucking and licking it like a starving animal. He grabs a handful of hair and yanks me to my feet turning me around and shoving his dick between my legs and deep into my pussy.
He is so hungry for me today and I love it. He fucks me hard and deep cumming inside me then falls to his knees and licks and sucks my cunt until I cum again.
When he is done he asks me if I would do anything for him and I answer yes.
His lips curl into a wicked smirk as he whispers in my ear that he has always had a secret fantasy to be watched while fucking. That he has always fantasized about being an exhibitionist.
I tell him that I have some friends and would be happy to invite them love to watch us fuck, I can call them right now.
He just kisses me and tells me there is no need, he has some friends from college that have always fantasized of watching and being voyeurs. He turns me around to face the window where I see that the blinds are opened and there are five young guys standing there peering in the window.
“Are you mad?” he asks.
“Absolutely not. But I am sure your friends are now rock hard. Why don’t we invite them in and let them join in the fun?”
And the rest, as they say, is history!

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